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Email: contact[at]emanate.org
Address: 1619 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 323-739-4668 
M&A is an outdoor exhibition space that is visible from the street 24 hours a day. Entry is free of charge and donations are appreciated!

Materials & Applications is a non-profit organization that produces installations twice yearly and hosts open air discussions, workshops, performances and other public events. We also create outreach programs to educate and inspire property and business owners to make choices that increase the sustainability of their buildings and properties. M&A was created by founder Jenna Didier in 2002 to experiment with public space at a scale proportional to the neighborhood, a space that can be understood and worked with in collaboration with the community, reconfigured and used as a pocket park by everyone. M&A is a testbed to realize new and interesting concepts in building and the landscape.

Materials & Applications (M&A) is a research and exhibition center dedicated to advancing new and underused ideas in art, architecture, and landscape. Our goal is to be a driving force to increase public participation in the built environment by inspiring interest in visitors with their surroundings – while they explore the latest ideas in architectural design and theory on an experiential level. We push the application of materials beyond the limits of typical commercial, residential, and traditional gallery-based projects, towards more flourishing environments.


Jenna Didier // founding director of M&A. She is an artist primarily concerned with public space and its various opportunities and impacts. jenna[at]emanate.org

Kevin Crooks // Program Director. He has collaborated on architectural projects with Alamo LaboritoriesAperiodic Industries, and FMLY. kevin[at]emanate.org

Scott Mayoral // M&A photographer. Find his work here

Esmi Rennick //M&A Intern. See her work here

M&A is made possible by the community of participants that has grown around our projects.


Board of Directors 

David Bramante //BRE Investment, Realtor
Jenna Didier //jennadidier.com, Artist
Noah Riley, President //Riley Design Studio, Founding Principal
Jen Silbert, Secretary //This is Just A Test, Graphic Designer
Eric Spiegelman //Online Media Producer, Attorney


We remain forever grateful for the assistance of our past interns and key volunteers:
Andrew Adzemovic, Buse Aktas, Jih Byeon, David Casey, Patricia Chai, Henry Cheung, Oscar Chun, Aaron Dang, Astrid Diehl, Lynn Didier, Martina Dolejsova, Christine Eyer, Brittany Ellis, Marcos Figueroa, Jen Fleming, Kathy Grace, Amelia Hazinski, Crystal Hughes, Jasmine Jones, Brian Janeczko, Kim Karlsrud, Diana Kichler, Glen Kinoshita, Jessica Lim, Brandie Lockett, Jenny Long, Nico Machida, Elizabeth Marley, Mandana Ozlati, Raynald Pelletier, Mecky Reuss, Nicole Rinde, Aaron Ryan, Sigita Saliklis, Sarah Schade, Stephanie Snow, Stephany Stamatis, Sam Starr, Nicole Stubblefield, Colin Tucker, Jackie von Treskow, Raven Weng, Kathy Williams, Victoria Wu

Past Board Members and Key Personnel

Christopher Alexander, former Board President (2008-10)

Nicholas Blake, former Technical Director and Board Member (2006-10)

Bruce Chan, former Program Director (2008-10)

Edward Cella, former Board Member (2012- 2014)

Gloria Gerace, former Board Member (2006-2013)

Oliver Hess, Director Emeritus (2004-2011). He now runs his laboratory for art research and development: Aperiodic Industries his artworks can be seen at Choubun.

Michael Sylvester, former Board Member (2006 -13)